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Man threatens "racist" cop with bat

10 court briefs from June 27, 28

Jared Andrew Young is accused of drug trafficking and has been denied bail.  He appeared for pleas on June 28th but his lawyer was not prepared and adjourned pleas until July 12th.

Jody Lee Humphrey is accused that in February 2022 in Wayerton he used a table as a weapon in an assault, and did wound TL. Humphrey pleaded not guilty this week and a trial was set for January 11, 2023 in Provincial Court.

Kristie Matchett was in court on June 27th and pleaded guilty to a summary assault and a breach.  She pleaded not guilty to uttering threats and will have a trial on that matter on October 12, 2022.

A 20 year old man from Blackville was in court this week and pleaded not guilty to alleged offences such as communicating with a youth for the purpose of sex, sexual assault, confinement, and taking her away from the care of her parents. The man has been released on conditions not to be on the internet or communicate with the complainant. His trial is scheduled for January 13, 2023 in Provincial Court.

Neil Joseph Miousse pleaded guilty to harassing CD, and communicating with her when prohibited by a court undertaking on two occasions. Miousse is in custody after being denied bail. No facts of the case were heard and Miousse will return to court for sentencing in two weeks.

Daniel Ginnish was not in court to plead to fraud charges. An arrest warrant was issued.

Glen Garfield Dickson faces a theft charge and had been released to appear in court today to make pleas on the charge. He failed to show up on time and was taken into custody, informed the judge he just applied to get a legal aid lawyer, and promised to come back to court on July 11th to move the matter forward. He was released.

Joseph Leo McIsaac is charged with a summary assault. He was late for court and was taken into custody. He said he was hoping to hire a private lawyer, but had been unable to reach him. Unknown to McIsaac, the lawyer he wanted to hire was working in the adjacent courtroom at the same time, and he still didn’t get a chance to speak to him. The Crown said it would not agree to another adjournment for the same reason. McIsaac was released.

Jennifer Lindsay Cook appeared in court in person and agreed to enter into a peacebond and agree not to have any contact with AM for a period of 12 months, go to his place of work, or be at his residence or his parents’ residence.

Christina Lee Ann Miller appeared in court on June 27th and pleaded guilty to several charges including failing to come to court and resisting arrest.  She is remanded on the charges because the court felt she was a risk not to attend court.  No facts were heard and she will be sentenced in the coming weeks.

Ryan Elsliger is serving a sentence with a few days left to serve, and appeared in court on charges of resisting arrest and assaulting officers. His bail hearing was adjourned to allow his lawyer to review the file. He comes back to court next week.

Conrad Augustine entered into a peacebond to keep the peace toward family members. Also charged with mischief and indictable assault to which he pleaded not guilty. His lawyer asked the court to send the man for an assessment to see if he is criminally responsible, and the court agreed. A trial is set on the matters for December 16th,

Ade Martin pleaded not guilty to threatening and assaulting TL, as well as breaching an undertaking by contacting her. His trial was set for December 1st, and he has been released on an undertaking.

Jason Cecil Murdock pleaded not guilty to transmitting illicit material to a youth. His trial is scheduled for October 31st, 2022.

Man threatens "racist" police officer with bat

Wesley Eugene Levy was in court on June 27th to be sentenced for charges of assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and possessing a weapon. In January 2021 police were investigating the theft of a stolen lawnmower and were in the vicinity of a property where Levy was.  

Levy said to the RCMP constable, “Get off my property you racist c*****ker. You shot my brother. I have something for you.” Levy came around the house with a baseball bat over his shoulder.  

The officer pointed a Taser at Levy, and yelled at him to put the bay down. Levy lowered the bat and walked back into the house. The officer left to go on another urgent call.

The Crown and defence agreed on a sentence of 4 months house arrest with exceptions for work, medical emergencies and participation in spiritual events.  

The reason behind the recommended sentence is because Levy, even though he has a criminal record, was experiencing some issues regarding the death of his brother Rodney, and had been taking counselling and treatment since the incidents. A letter of support from a counsellor in the community was accepted by the court in support of the recommendation. Levy is also gainfully employed.

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