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Man strolls in traffic, yells at public

Denies addiction, says he takes meth for fun

Alex Michael Godin, 22 of Fredericton (originally from Miramichi), was in court by video from a detention centre to be sentenced on charges of drug possession, causing a disturbance and breaching court orders. The facts of the files are:

July 19, 2021 police attended a call to 15 Cole Crescent about a man at the door high on drugs. When they encountered Godin they realized he was wanted on a warrant from Fredericton. When they arrested him they found a meth pipe and a small amount of meth in his pants pocket. 

February 14, 2022, Godin failed to attend court as directed by the court.

April 3, 2022, Godin was arrested as a result of an unwanted person complaint and was removed from the residence. When he was searched police seized a pill bottle with a small amount of crystal meth. He was booked and released.

April 4, 2022, The day after being released police responded to a complaint about a man wandering the street acting weird, and police found Godin to be hallucinating and agitated. He was on an undertaking not to consume drugs. He was in possession of a meth pipe. He appeared in court and was released on conditions.

May 6th, 2022 police received a report of a man walking in traffic and interfering with the public by chasing people on the sidewalk and making people feel uncomfortable. He was located, arrested for mischief, and seemed unresponsive when given his right to counsel. Witnesses gave statements and described Godin as cursing and rambling at strangers, talking about suicide and crying, wild mood swings, and possessing a package police assumed had contained drugs. Godin has been in jail since May 6th.

Godin agreed with all the facts and admitted his guilty pleas were voluntary and informed. Godin’s pre-sentence report contained a tepid acknowledgment of drug consumption which was not encouraging for the Crown as an indicator of his willingness to reform. Godin’s report said meth has had some negative impacts in his life, though he denies addiction and says he only uses meth to have fun. The Crown noted the members of the public who encountered him on the street on May 6th were not having any fun.

Godin has already served the equivalent of 80 days in jail (with the pre-trial credit factor of 1.5). The Crown was asking for a fine of $500 for the drug possession, and because Godin has prior convictions for breaching court orders asked for additional jail time of 85 days followed by supervised probation.

Godin’s lawyer told the court he is under the care of a psychiatrist and makes the mistake of self-medicating with street drugs. His lawyer agreed a long period of supervised probation would be beneficial, but Judge Michaud noted that the probation officer wrote that Godin’s transient lifestyle made it difficult to schedule appointments and programming. Michaud was worried that Godin might incur more charges if he was unable to keep his appointments with probation. The Defence asked that he be released right away as 80 days in jail was sufficient, and said he had no means to pay a fine.

Goidin told Michaud he was better now, taking his prescribed medication, and it would never happen again.

Michaud considered Godin’s situation and decided a sentence of 55 days going forward was just, no fines, and 18 months of probation with the only condition being to attend any addiction counselling as prescribed by his probation officer.  Michaud was especially critical of Godon's behaviour toward the public, all while being on a release order to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

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