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Tender Tootsies?

TENDER TOOTSIES?  On your feet all day? Feet ache? Can’t wait to get those shoes off at the end of your day? Have

you considered orthotics?? Orthotics are customized insoles for your shoes, and when done properly can be one of the best investments one can make for the health of their feet.  Your feet are one of the most abused parts of the body. We walk on them, kick things, stub toes,

etc. And never once give it a second thought. We take our feet for granted.  There are many aliments of the feet. One of the more common aliment is Metatarsalgia.  Metatarsalgia is a general term used to refer to any painful foot condition affecting the metatarsal region of the foot. This is a common problem that can affect the joints and bones of the metatarsals. Metatarsalgia is most often

localized to the first metatarsal head (the ball of the foot just behind the big toe). There are two small sesamoid bones under the first metatarsal head.  The next most frequent site of metatarsal head pain is under the second metatarsal. This can be due to either too short a first metatarsal bone or to "hypermobility of the first ray" (metatarsal bone + medial cuneiform bone behind it), both of which result in excess pressure being transmitted into the second metatarsal head.  Another aliment is Pes Planus aka, flat feet or fallen arches, is a formal reference to a medical condition in which the arch of the foot collapses, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground, often considered to look amusing or unattractive compared to an arched foot and less efficient in performance. In some individuals (an estimated 20–30% of the general population) the arch simply never develops in one foot (unilaterally) or both feet bilaterally).  There are many other aliments such as, hammer toes, hallux valgus( bunions), and are all quite treatable with orthotics. Although some cases do require surgical care to correct the problem. And in some cases the improper alignment of the foot can cause knee, hip and lower back problems.  Proper footwear would help to prevent any of these problems. Wearing shoes that have good arch supports, heel support, and a good rocker sole. Flat shoes, pointy toed shoes, flip flops are all pretty and maybe even comfortable, but long term use of these types of shoes will come back to haunt you. These types of shoes do not offer the support required by your feet.  That is where orthotics come in. An orthotic  can correct these problems after a foot exam is done. A proper exam checks for good mobility in the fore foot, mid foot, and the rear foot. And also check for bunions and flat feet. And just check the general overall health of the feet.  Orthotics should be initially worn for 1-2 hours per day for the first week and then gradually increase the hours per day that they are worn, so that your feet can get adjusted to the orthotic.  If you have any concerns or questions about orthotics feel to drop in to Northeast Orthopedic Supplies, we are located at 635 Water St ( Southside Medical center), Miramichi, NB. Or call to arrange an appointment to be assessed to see what

your orthotic needs are at 622-4119. Orthotics are covered by most insurance companies.

Barry Johnston

Northeast Orthapedic Supplys

Owns and operates Northeast Orthopedic Supplies in Miramichi

and is certified in many aspects of bracing and compression stockings plus

FootMaxx orthotic technology. Prior to bracing Barry was a Licensed Practical

Nurse for 10 years.



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