MO))) Editor Nov 24, 2015
Larry Lynch Verified

Sections of Water Street in Loggieville top list for erosion concerns

Council allocates $175,000 to perform work on Water Street (Shore Road) in Loggieville to protect river bank from erosion near the road

At last night's council meeting, $175,000 was allocated for work to be done to prevent erosion along two sections  of Water Street.

The work involves providing slope protection along the Miramichi River bank for a distance of approximately 25 m for an area east of Pine Grove Cemetery, and 50 m for a work area west of 4501 Water Street .

According tot he Management report, out of 15 eroded areas identified on the bank of the Miramichi River; these 2 areas are considered the highest priority due to road encroachment.

The work generally consists of removal of existing debris, excavating and shaping the existing bank, placing sandstone and geotextile, placing R1000 toe rock and R500 rip rap to top of embankment.

Funding for the Shoreline Protection Project was established in the 2015 Capital Budget for $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars). In addition, there are surplus funds from the 2014 capital budget in the amount of $ 75,000.


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