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Prom Night in Miramichi

When I graduated high school  (almost 30 years ago) prom night was much simpler.  Oh, we got a suit, and the gals got nice dresses, but it wasn't the spectacle it has become.  And a lovely spectacle it is!  MO covered "The Walk" in video at the MVHS prom, and covered "The Walk" at JMH in photos.  Hundreds of people come to the prom to watch the graduates and their dates arrive in every imaginable mode of transportation (motor bikes, buses, sports cars, RVs, etc...).  They all stop for photos when asked, and the crowd claps and Ooohs at their favourite outfits.  It's something to see, and I recommend taking it in some year for yourself. (Larry Lynch, MO Editor)


If anyone would like a copy of the video or photos in the post, please contact MO.

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