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Police warn of parking tickets on Radio Street at Civic Centre

Not long after the traffic lights were remived from Radio Street, parking issues are cropping up and Police say bylaws will be enforced

Some residents predicted it would happen, and it did.  MO))) reader Bill Mutch said since the lights were removed from the KGH and Radio Street intersection he says it is much harder to get onto KGH from Thomas Street where he lives.  He also predicted parking at Civic Centre events would be a problem.

Turns out he was right.  Last month council passed a motion to remove the lights at that intersection and install a crosswalk.  At the time, Engineer Darren Rowe said a traffic study was done before the construction on the street and verified the lights were not needed.  He also confirmed the equipment was antiquated.  

This morning the Miramichi Police Department issued the following press release: 

The MPF has received complaints about parking issues on Radio St during events at the Miramichi Civic Center.  Just recently, the City of Miramichi, completed reconstruction of Radio St which included new sidewalks being placed on Radio St in front of the Civic Center.  

   Patrons of the Civic Center, perhaps being not used to this roadway configuration change are currently parking on these sidewalks.  This practice causes a potential hazard to pedestrians and it also narrows the roadway width which in turn could cause potential vehicle accidents.  

The MPF will be enforcing current City of Miramichi bylaws which could result in motorists receiving tickets, or in some cases their vehicle being towed.  These sidewalks are well defined, we are hoping that common sense will prevail and Civic Center patrons will find other parking options.

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