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Police and Animal Control table monthly reports

Miramichi Police have not been as busy this year, show report. Dog catcher removes pit bull from the city

The Miramichi Police have not been as busy this year as they were last year.  The monthly department report from the Police Department shows a reduction in calls for service during most months in 2015 compared to the same months last year.

  2015 2016
January 969 906
February 961 822
March 958 829
April 915 940
May 1103 1082
June 1131 1101
July 1168 1135
August 1067 1098
September 1149 1036
October 1018 996
November 918  
December 834  

The year-to-date numbers show a 5% decerease in action for the department, with August and April being the only two months that had increases in the numbers of calls for service for the Department.

October Numbers

Motor Vehicle Accident:  53
Provincial POPA Tickets:  50
General Occurances: 175
City By-Law Tickets:  1
Provincial Compliance:  47
Total Charges Laid: 107

Animal Control Officer

Each month the Police Department also files a report about activity of the Animal Control Officer.  Last month, Antonio LeBlanc  dealt with a number of issues:

Traps Distributed

  • Squirrel: 0
  • Raccoon: 6
  • Cat: 1
  • Skunk: 4
  • Beaver:  0
  • Porcupine: 0

What keeps LeBlanc the busiest is complaints about dogs.  Last month he looked into 5 complaints of dogs running at large, 1 complaint about a barking dog, 8 complaints of dogs without tags, and 2 complaints about poop-n-scoop violations.

LeBlanc also received one call about a coyote or fox.

Two other incidents were included in LeBlanc's report:  one where he had to take a cross pit bull out of the city after it was left in an apartment at 351 Sunnyside Avenue.

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