Jim O'Neill Nov 29, 2017
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Police Briefs: Nov 25 - 28

Various police briefs including youth accused of driving while impaired by narcotics, couple caught with illegal smokes, man arrested after bar fight on KGH

17-11-25  0203hrs MPF officers arrested a 35 year old male for possession of cannabis products for the purpose of trafficking.  Court charges are being prepared.

17-11-25 2221hrs MPF officers arrested an intoxicated 23 year old male on Ledden Street.  This male later caused damage to his holding cell.   A court date for mischief is forthcoming.

17-11-26  0039hrs MPF officers removed an intoxicated 76 year old male from the emergency department of the Miramichi Hospital for causing a disturbance.

17-11-26 0150hrs MPF officers stopped a vehicle on Chapel Rd finding that the 17 year old male driver was impaired by narcotics.   This matter is still under investigation.

17-11-26 0219hrs MPF officers arrested a 31 year old male outside of a KG Hwy night club for fighting.  This male was held in custody until he was sober.

17-11-26 0233hrs A MPF officer stopped a vehicle on KG Hwy and after detecting alcohol consumption suspended the 57 year old male’s driver’s license.

17-11-26 1026hrs MPF officers seized a large quantity of methamphetamine pills from a 41 year old female after she tried to bring them into a detention facility.   Court charges are being prepared.

17-11-26 1158hrs A MPF officer travelled to Saint John NB to bring a 43 year old male back to Miramich for court after he was arrested at the Saint John airport. On a 2006 warrant for dangerous driving.

17-11-27 0941hrs A MPF officer stopped a vehicle on KG Hwy finding that the 23 year old male driver was driving with a suspended driver’s license.  Court charges are being prepared.

17-11-27 1336hrs MPF officers and Public Safety Contraband officers stopped a vehicle on the Bathurst Hwy and arrested the two male occupants, aged 63 & 56 for possession of illegal cigarettes.  These men will be appearing in court at a later date.  Their vehicle was also seized.

17-11-28 0234hrs A MPF officer stopped a vehicle on KG Hwy finding that the 67 year old male driver was impaired by alcohol.  This male had his vehicle impounded for 30 days, his driver’s license suspended for 90 days and he will be facing an upcoming court date for impaired driving.

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