MO))) Editor Apr 27, 2015
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Mother finds syringe on St. Andrews playground

Today the Principal of St. Andrew's Elementary School sent home a note, and called the homes of students with a recording for their parents, informing them that something had been found on the school ground.  Mrs. Robinson said in her phone message that a parent had found "something", and that police were called to remove it.  She reassured everyone that custodians were checking the yard, and taking note of anyone who was hanging around after school hours.  "St. Andrews is safe," she said.

Miramichi Online contacted police to confirm what object had been found at the school, but the request was late in the day, and no response was received at the time of this story.

Another parent of a St.Andrews student sent MO))) a link to the facebook of the woman who said she found the syringe.

Heather Anne Margaret MacLean

Sunday at 12:37pm

Wtf is wrong with this place? A couple a weeks ago my 3yr old almost picked up a needle left on the side of the my 11yr old just found one at the St.Andrews School park. Keep your needles to yourselves losers and your kids close everyone else. — feeling furious.


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