Jim O'Neill Nov 29, 2013
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Miramichiers see Comet of the Century (video)

A MO))) reader contacted us last night to ask if we got any reports of something strange in the night sky. Steve asked: "I was driving from Blackville to Miramichi and a green ball of light with pieces falling off passed over from the southeast to the northwest? Hear anything about this?"

At that point, we hadn't heard or seen anything, but some of our friends on facebook were wondering the same thing:

"I just saw a huge blue thing in the sky..with a tail. Smoke I dunno it was the size of the largest full moon you ever saw ..

Around 730. It was blue. With lighter blue to white around it. Then what appeared to be a tail or trail of smoke behind it not sure stayed in my field of vision for 6-10 seconds came in and down straight like diagonal then out of my sight I thought it crashed. No noise .. I was in the truck. I would say like behind the hospital over by Walmart maybe ?

I dunno .. Was the strangest thing I ever saw."

"It's still there, but has been looking like an 'ordinary' star for about 10 mins. For about 15 mins there, I was completely mesmerized. I tried to record it with the iPod, but the damn thing sucks in low light"

What they most likely saw was a comet. ISON, discovered in September 2012, had been touted as becoming the “comet of the century,” when it was calculated that it would pass very close to the sun, possibly creating a brilliant tail.

Here is a video that explains the comet:



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