MO))) Editor Aug 28, 2012
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Miramichi Online Football Pool

For all you guys and gals who love Sundays, MO))) has just launched a weekly football pool to see who has the best skill at picking the winners.

What you can win

  • The cost is $5 week.
  • All the money will be paid out weekly to the person who picks the most correct games.
  • Money can be paid online, or at the MO))) office at 1750 Water Street (next to the Dollar Store).
  • You have to pay to win.
  • The person who wins the most weeks, will receive a $100 prize at seasons end.

How To Play

  • Create a username and password.
  • Pay weekly or by the season
  • make your picks online
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday games get blacked at their game times.
  • Sunday and Monday Games get blacked out at the start of the early games (2PM our time)

If you're having problems, contact the admin through the site.  You can pick your winners as far in advance as you want, so don;t get caught with your pants down the first time  a Thursday game rolls around (Like Opening Week!!)



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