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Invasive plant species guide launched

CBC News Posted: Jul 30, 2012 9:22 AM

A group of New Brunswick scientists and conservationists has produced a field guide to some of the worst invasive plants in the province for anyone who wants to help fight against the plants spreading.

“Invasive species are actually known to be the second biggest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss,” said Nathalie LeBlanc, a biologist with the Department of Natural Resources and member of the NB Invasive Species Council.

“When they're introduced into a new area, they have potential to bring diseases into an area,” she said.

Invasive species

Common Reed

Common Valerian

Eurasian Water Milfoil

Flowering Rush

Garlic Mustard

Glossy Buckthorn


Himalayan Balsam

Japanese Knotweed

Norway Maple

Oriental Bittersweet

Purple Loosestrife

Reed Canary Grass

Smooth Bedstraw

Wild Parsnip

Woodland Angelica

“They can take over land quite quickly, which prevents native species from growing and spreading as they should.”

Invasive species can move into a province several ways, including through the air, or on someone's feet, an animal, or a car.

The guide, called NB Invasive Species, which is available online, includes the names of the most troublesome invasive species in New Brunswick, photographs of them as well as tips on how to spot them.

It also explains why the plants are a problem and how to kill them properly.

Copies of the guide will be given to the Canadian Forestry Association of New Brunswick's Adopt a Highway groups that do bi-annual clean-ups so they can adopt a keen eye for where the plants are taking over, said LeBlanc.

The NB Invasive Species Council also has an online report form in hopes that New Brunswickers will submit information about the location of any invasive species they come across as well as photographs of them.

NB Invasive Species


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