Jim O'Neill Jul 13, 2011
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Green is the new Black

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Every year people gather in the Miramichi and support Canada’s Irish Festival by wearing the Irish colors. As this big weekend approaches, I can’t help but wonder how to pull off green, white, and orange without looking like a leprechaun. I decided to check out stores around the river to see if this was even possible, and had great success finding outfits appropriate for the Irish Festival. So if you want to attend the activities and support the festival, here is my how-to guide to pulling off the Irish look in style.

My shopping trip began at Denim Wearhouse, and they had a lot of great pieces to choose from! Not only will you find a cute outfit to wear, but you will likely get it half off! Their summer sale is now on, where you can save on all of their summer stock! Check out the outfits we put together not only for the girls, but for the guys too! For more info visit their website http://www.denimwearhouse.com/.


My next stop was over at the mall, to visit the girls at Smart Set. I fell in love with this cute beaded cami, which just happens to come in the three Irish colors! We put together three stylish outfits to show you the different ways of wearing it. The cute tank is hard to resist, especially when it is on sale!

My job was made easy when visiting Fantastique on the town square. They already had some great Irish Festival outfits displayed in the window! Here are just a few of the many outfits they had to offer. For more info, check out their website at http://www.inmgroup.net/pages/fantastiqueessentials/


Last but not least was a stop over at Penningtons! They had a great selection of casual and dressy clothes appropriate for the Irish Festival weekend! Check out these cute looks that we put together. The girls liked the looks so much they are still on the manicans as you walk in!


So there you have it! My shoppping day was a definite success as I found lots of great outfit ideas! So if you dont have anything to put on this weekend, head down to your favorite store and pick out your own Irish inspired outfit! Also, for more information on this weekend's activities, head over to http://www.canadasirishfest.com/. Hope to see you there!

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