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Classy: Festival organiser thanks city

In a classy move, a festival organizer appeared before council tonight at a regular monthly meeting thank city staff for help in making their event a success.

For many years, the city has been contributing cash and in-kind services to many festivals, including $5000 to the Miramichi Irish Festival. The once popular festival was struggling to attract people to its events until it was revived last year by a committee who decided to move the events outside and make it a more family orientated affair.

[caption id="attachment_33898" align="alignleft" width="200"]Paddy Quinn Paddy Quinn[/caption]Paddy Quinn is the organizer of the festival and told MO))) earlier this week that it was another roaring success. He said the concert at the church, Ennis, doubled it's attendance from last year, and the Saturday night concerts on Waterford Green were sold out and security were starting to turn people away after they hit the 2500 mark.

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Quinn also said the headline act, The Mahones, were well received though they were not to everyone's taste. The world-class Irish punk band gave a loud and enthusiastic performance to a cpacity crowd that danced in the rain during the final hours of the Saturday night pub. Quinn said he received a message from the band complimenting him the hospitality they received, and the quality of the venue and of the service and accomodations they received.

Quinn thanked city counicl for their contribution. He said city staff helped with permits, police and fire services helped with advice to make the events run smoothly and safely, and students and staff from public works helped greatly with in-kind services.

Quinn also complimented the designers of Waterford Green for their foresight in installing electrical outlets at very tree. The park is easily transformed into the perfect festival venue with lots of available power for vendors, tents and performers.

In three years covering council, this is the first time MO))) has ever seen anyone come to council to say thank you. The city hands out over $100,000 in grants every year.

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