Jim O'Neill Nov 26, 2015
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Bus crash throws children to floor (photos)

A mother of one of the children involved in bus crash says child was thrown backwards, landed in glass. See photos contributed from scene.

Earlier this week a truck rear-ended a school bus in Chatham Head sending one student to hospital for observation, as reported by the Miramichi Police. 

A mother of one of the children on the bus rushed to the scene, and tells Miramichi Online that her child had been sitting in the rear of the bus just prior to the crash.  The child was getting off at the next stop so got up with another child and was moving toward the front of the bus when it was struck.  Two children were standing and were thrown backwards and landed on glass that had shattered.  Photos below were contributed by the mother, and show the window in the back door of the bus had been busted out.

There were seven children on the bus. Only one was sent to hospital for observation after all had been examined by Ambulance staff. The mother says her child told her the child who was sent to hospital was standing at the front of the bus waiting to exit when the bus was struck.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash.


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