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Benefit: Miramichi boy battles rare blood disorder

1420593_434413863348777_1636065541_n (1)Benefit for Brandon Dickson

Date: December 6th 2013

Place: Knights of Columbus (King st)

Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Donations at the door would be appreciated

50/50 Squares

Silent Auction

*Free* finger foods/ tea /coffee {For our guest}

Bar is open

Music for entertainment

Benefit to help with medical and traveling expenses...

The disease:

Hereditary Spherocytosis is a disorder of the membrane (the surface) of your red blood cell that causes your red blood cells to be shaped like spheres instead of flat discs. Spherocytosis causes red blood cells to have difficulty passing through your spleen.

Treatment of acute symptoms:

Acute symptoms of anemia and Hyperbilirubinemia can indicate treatment with blood transfusions or exchanges. Transfusions treat anemia by adding healthy donor blood to the patient's own, providing needed red blood cells. As the transfused blood does not contain Elliptocytes, it will not be Hemolysed, but the overactive spleen may still break down a significant proportion of the transfused blood. Exchanges treat Hyperbilirubinemia by replacing some portion of the patient's blood with healthy donor blood, thus removing some portion of the toxic Bilirubin.

Brandon has to take folic acid pills for the rest of his life,he will have to go the Miramichi hospital once a week for a cbc to make sure his blood doesn't go low again for awhile and there will be many appointments to see DRE St-Hilaire at the oncology center in Moncton. Removal of the spleen might be needed in the future if everything else fails. Even with that nothing is certain...


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