MO))) Editor Jun 29, 2011
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BREAKING NEWS: 737 to land at Miramichi Airport

MO))) has learned that today around 2 PM a 737 will be landing at Miramichi airport.  It is the first time in many years a plane this size has landed in Miramichi.  Sources at the airport say this is "just regular airport business" and has nothing to do with negotiations to fund the expansion of the runway to attract cargo business to the airport.  Even though, the mayor and members of the airport commission  are rumored to be on hand to witness it for themselves.

MO))) is dispatching a film crew, and will post video later today.

5:17 PM

So you don't think word travels fast in Miramichi?  When MO))) announced the breaking news of the 737 landing in Miramichi, dozens of people flocked to the airport to see it for themselves, even more looked to the sky, and at 2:38 pm they saw the big blue and white flying low overhead.  The MO))) crew was there to interview the mayor and a member the airport commission to find out from them what they think the significance of the  routine landing is.  Check back tonight for the video coverage (or what 'til Friday and buy the paper and see what they are saying -- j/k).

Kim Dickson shot the photos below.  Thanks Kim for being on the spot for MO))).


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