Jim O'Neill Sep 9, 2020
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Animal Control Officer adopts neglected dog.

Tony LeBlanc to the rescue. Animal Control Officer spends his own money to spay a dog, nurse it back to health, and find it a new home.

Nothing lights up Facebook like a pet rescue story.  A few weeks ago a member of the Miramichi Police Force was helping Animal Control Officer, Tony LeBlanc, find homes for a large batch of pups.  The dogs were only 4 to 5 weeks old and the mother was in poor health.  Loving families were found in no time for the boxer-mix puppies, with interest coming from all over the province.

LeBlanc said that the mother and the pups were brought to him by two women who wanted his help in saving them.  He accepted the dogs but didn’t get the names of the women who surrendered them.  The dog was obviously neglected as it was emaciated and malnourished.  Despite the condition of the mother, LeBlanc said the pups appeared healthy but would need extra attention in the early going from their new owners.

After the search for owners for the pups was widely publicized on social media, the owner of the dog came looking for the mother and the litter.  The man claimed to own the dog, but the man’s ex-spouse also contacted LeBlanc and showed him pictures of her with the once-healthy dog.  She explained that she never got her dog back after she and the man separated.

LeBlanc said he made a deal with the woman to take ownership of the dog.  LeBlanc says he will pay to have the dog spayed, at his own expense, and take care of the dog until it is in better health before finding it a new forever home. LeBlanc reports that the dog is doing better.

Miramichi Online was unsuccessful in contacting the woman who owned the dog for a comment.

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