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A hockey tournament in honour of a deceased friend raises money for local scholarships.

This is a seven-team tournament, with only one division.  Since it is a seven team tournament we had some issues trying to come up with a format so that all teams play three games in the Round Robin and that the match-ups are fair.  With seven teams we needed one extra game for all teams to get three games, but we didn’t feel that one team should play an extra game, so we decided to make a “Selects” team out of players from the other six teams.  It was decided that last year’s winner would play the “Selects” team, which is the Blackhorse.  The “Selects” team will be the Captain/Organizer from each team, one player of their choice from their team and for the 13th player it will be a draw, where each teams selects a player from their team to be entered in the draw, also the “Selects” team will only be allowed three signed players.  If there is too many signed players selected it will be based on team rank from last year…so Molson Canadians is the highest rank.  All game match-ups were completed by picking out of a hat, except for the first game and the “Selects” game.

Also this year we will have a “Friends of Kinky” Over 35 players Oldtimers games, where we will feature former players of this tournament who were longtime Friends of Randy.  Our Legends Over 35 teams will consist of players like Jody MacDonald, Bill McCormack, David Walsh, Scott Daley and Larry Carroll….

The registration will be $520 per team!  The tournament will start on Friday, April 28th/17 at 6:30pm. The top four teams will advance to the finals, if there is a tie it will be decided by goals for and against only. The ice will be cleaned before each game.  Each game is two 20-minute periods, a five-minute warm-up and a two-minute break between periods.  The two teams can decide, before the game starts, whether they want to switch ends after first period.   Slap shots and two line passes are allowed.  The games will be stop time but if one team has a five goal lead and 5 minutes remaining in the second period the rest of the game will be played at straight time. We have a very strict time schedule, therefore punctual game starts and quick shifts are required.  We are scheduling 1 hour and 15 minutes from start of game to start of next game.  Try to be out of the dressing room at least an hour after your game is finished.  There is a few Important general rules that must be followed by each team, they are NO Fighting (Out for tournament), High Sticking Penalty (This means raising stick above waist at any time), Referee abuse (Out for Game) and of course all other penalties.  Each team is allowed a maximum of four Signed Players, which includes the Goaltender.  Signed Players are those who played in an organized registered league like Midget, Junior, Senior, University or College.  A player that has played in any of these leagues in 2017 will be considered a signed player.  A player must play at least one game in the round robin before being eligible to play in the finals, even if the player is on the team roster.  Players must be at least 18 years of age!    

We will be giving each team a flat (24) Beer on Friday night and on Saturday.  We will be playing the finals Sunday Morning, starting at 9:00am.

The last few years the teams have donated the Prize money to the “Randy Kingston Memorial Bursary”, but once again we will try and give some incentive for the top two teams…at least we will have some beer for them!.  


Friday April 28th

April 28th @ 6:30pm 3 vs 7  (Kinky vs Molson)

April 28th @ 7:45pm 4 vs 5  (Whoppers vs  Eel Ground)

April 28th @ 9:00pm 2 vs 6  (Renous vs Dirty Roach)

April 28th @ 10:15pm 1 vs 8  (Blackhorse vs “SELECTS”)

Saturday April 29th

April 29th @ 10:00am 5 vs 1 (Whoppers vs  Molson)

April 29th @ 11:15am 6 vs 7 (Dirty Roach vs Blackhorse)

April 29th @ 12:30am 3 vs 2 (Kinky vs Eel Ground)

April 29th @ 1:45pm  Over 35 Oldtimers Game

April 29th @ 3:00pm 4 vs 7 (Whoppers vs Renous)

April 29th @ 4:15pm  1 vs 2  (Molson vs Eel Ground)

April 29th @ 5:30pm Over 35 Oldtimers Game

April 29th @ 6:45pm 5 vs 6 (Kinky vs Dirty Roach)

April 29th @ 8:00pm 3 vs 4 (Renous vs Blackhorse)

Sunday April 30th

Semi #1----  April 30th @ 9:00am 1st overall vs 4th Overall

Semi #2----  April 30th @ 10:15am 2nd overall vs 3rd Overall

April 30th @ 11:30pm

Final Game, Winner of Semi #1 vs Winner of Semi #2

Tournament Sponsors are as follows:

Molson Canadian, Nick Hart
Kingston Fuels, Jeff Kington
Miecon Services, Jason McCarthy
Modular Fabrication, Srinivas Chava

Tournament Volunteers are as follows:

David Walsh, Newsletter, Ticket Sales
Cory Wishart, BBQ
Scott Daley, Ticket Sales
Jody MacDonald, Ticket Sales
Jeff Kingston, Setup/Donations
Jason McCarthy, Schedule


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