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Province to review 147 cases of mystery brain disease

Moncton neurologist alarmed as cases quadruple

In 2022 the Government of New Brunswick ended its investigation into 48 cases of “mysterious Neurological” disorder in New Brunswick that affected young adults. The province said that at the time the neurologist who was sounding the alarm had misdiagnosed the majority of patients and that some of them had known diseases.  

Since then the number of cases has grown to 147 and the patients are as young as 17 years old and some of them have deteriorated and are near death. The Neurologist, Dr. Alier Merrero, wrote an alarming letter to the Public Health Agency of Canada and it has been recently announced that the province is employing two more doctors to review the cases. The province is not commenting on the reason for their change of course on the matter.

In a Canadaland podcast, an investigator interviewed Merrero and he said that after 2022 the province made it very difficult to report any new cases and the increase in patients and backlog in reporting them was becoming overwhelming.

In a CBC article Merrero is quoted as saying that blood tests show levels of glyphosate, the controversial herbicide used in agriculture and forestry.  Canadaland investigator specifically names JDI (Irving) as a company who uses a lot of the poison in its forestry operations.  Merrero also said more testing needs to be done to see if there are other environmental toxins at play like those from blue-green algae.

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