Jim O'Neill Jun 4, 2022
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Lynch runs for PANB in Southwest Miramichi Bay du Vin

People's Alliance revived and runs candidates on June 20th

Larry Lynch, Editor of Miramichi Online and former campaign manager for Michelle Conroy, is running for the People's Alliance of New Brunswick in Southwest Miramichi Bay du Vin after the party was recently revived. There is a by-election on June 20th, 2022.

"Our party had a lot of support in Southwest Miramichi Bay du Vin in the last two elections, and I know supporters feel happy the party has been revived and feel confident, as I do, that we'll have more success than in the past," said Lynch.  

The PANB had acclaimed one candidate for the June 20th by-election and scheduled a nominating convention in Renous for April 9th. But on March 30th party Leader Kris Austin de-registered the party and crossed the floor to the Conservatives citing decline in party support and internal issues. Conroy followed. The Elections Act permits a party leader to de-register a political party with one signature and no consultation, resulting in the party forfeiting all its assets.

"It's hard to be believe the legislation was ever intended to be applied to an active party with elected MLAs," said Lynch. "But it takes more than one person to eliminate a movement or an idea. We'll be stronger and more successful without Austin."

The People's Alliance had to wait 60 days to register the party again, and did so on May 31st leaving only a few days to get candidates in the ballot before the June 3rd deadline. A new leader, Rick DeSaulniers, was also elected on  May 28th.

Tom L'Huillier is running in Miramichi Bay Neguac, and Lynch runs to fill the seat vacated by Jake Stewart.

"All New Brunswickers, not just those in Southwest Miramichi, need a voice to speak up about issues that matter to them, healthcare, cost of living, housing. Liberals and Conservatives have failed us with poor leadership and scandals, and it's about time voters rejected them once and for all."
Lynch says Conservatives and Liberals can't speak for the people and bow to corporations and special interest groups at the same time, no matter who the MLAs are.  

"Losing the voice of the PANB in the legislature was a big blow for New Brunswick. Our MLAs sat on every committee in the legislature, had input on every budget and decision. That's the biggest thing people lost when they crossed the floor," said Lynch. "Now the people don't have a voice at all that's independant and free of influence.  We are going to change that."

Lynch can be contacted at (506) 300-9005, or by email at larry@peoplesalliance.ca.

Campaign updates will be posted at https://www.peoplesalliance.ca.

The  candidates in the Southwest Miramichi Bay du Vin riding are:

Larry Lynch, People's Alliance of NB
Mike Dawson, Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
Hannah Fulton Johnston, Liberal Party
Julie Guillement-Ackerman - Green Party

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