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Jardine faces almost 6 years in prison for drugs and break and enters

Why was he free when he committed final break and enter?

Nathan Jardine was in court last week to be sentenced for two separate counts of possessing drugs for the purpose of trafficking, as well as two separate break and enters into Miramichi businesses. Jardine was arrested in November 2021, and has spent the equivalent of 390 days in jail that could be deducted from any sentence he receives.

Jardine’s lawyer, Martin Cisco, said his job at the sentencing hearing was to put Jardine’s best foot forward and get him a lighter sentence. The Crown, on the other hand, was suggesting that Jardine get almost 6 years in jail for all his misdeeds based on recent case law that has seen drug dealing more harshly penalized. 

The two accusations of drug dealing came before the accusations of break and enters. MO))) will have a closer look at the timeline of Jardine’s court appearances in an attempt to determine why he was not remanded at the time of his second break and enter and report on it when Jardine’s sentence is determined.

The drug trafficking charges.

The trafficking charges against Jardine came in June 2020, and again eight months later in February. In June police were investigating a break and enter at Alexander Street and ended up chasing down Jardine whose backpack contained drugs, and he had a wad of cash in his sock. Police seized meth, cocaine and Shady 8’s in small quantities and $2300 in Jardine’s shoe.

In February police were on Fraser Street to arrest Paige Madson on a warrant and Jardine was there in a car. Police saw what they thought were drugs in his car and he attempted to run from police on foot, and throw the drugs in the snowbank. He was caught and police seized $2300 worth of meth.

For these two trafficking crimes the Crown said that it was aggravating that Jardine continued to traffic after his first arrest, and asked for 28 and 32 months respectively which is in line with other recent sentences for first and second time traffickers.

The break and enters

Despite being charged with two trafficking offences, Jardine was free on conditions and committed two crimes against local businesses.

On October 21st, 2021 police responded to Napa on Pleasant Street after a burglary alarm went off at the rear of the building. Earlier on the same morning around 2:30 am, police checked on the donation bins at the Salvation Army which is close to the Napa store, and Jardine was there at the bins with a baby stroller. When police went into Napa hours later, the same stroller was inside the open door of the building.

When police got to Napa there was nobody there, so they checked the video cameras and searched outside the building. Some items were not recovered like an iPad and a generator. In total $5544 worth of parts were stolen including catalytic converters, some of which were recovered. It was estimated Jardine was inside the store for a few hours out of sight of the cameras in the warehouse. Jardine was later arrested wearing the same clothes police had seen him in earlier the night.

So as of October 21, 2021, Jardine was facing two trafficking charges, a break and enter and breaches of undertaking. Yet for some reason he was still on the streets and committed another break and enter on November 3rd at Baisley’s construction. Police caught Jardine and two others red handed when they responded to an alarm. Nothing was stolen as the men were still inside the storage building at the business, but there was damage to the property as they broke a window to gain entrance.  

When Jardine was brought to the jail, he was caught trying to snort two pills. The drugs were seized and analyzed and found to be Shady 8’s

Jardine made his first appearance in court on the October 21st Napa break and enter on November 8th, the same day he appeared on the charges for Baisley’s construction.

How long could Jardine get?

In total, the Crown is seeking 69 months in jail on all the charges, and cited a recent case in Miramichi as the new norm for drug trafficking sentences. (See: Mazzeroille ). In that case the man had a stash of weapons, a large amount of drugs, and score sheet that showed over $20,000 in receivables (money owing to him) for drugs.

Jardine’s lawyer said Jardine was not in the same league at all, and suggested a 48 month sentence for trafficking, 2 years on each charge, plus 8 months for the break and enters. Cosco said Jardine’s problems started after an injury and subsequent addiction to opioids, and he was looking forward to putting this behind him and getting his life back on track including resuming his career in construction if he is healthy enough.

Jardine was offered an opportunity to explain himself and told Judge Brittain that the last few years have been bad for him, especially after the tragic loss of his son that compounded his other problems related to drug abuse and a back injury. Jardine acknowledged a prior conviction for a marijuana grow op and he said that time he did in jail straightened him out, but the back injury, drugs and tragedy were his undoing.

Judge Brittain said he wanted some time to consider a proper sentence, and will make his decision on September 26th.

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