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Brantville crash gets impaired driver 3 years

Victim ejected from car, lands in convertible

Jean-Paul Cormier is a diminutive man, a little more than 5 feet tall, with a shaved head and a dark beard.  He has been in jail for the equivalent of 90 days waiting to be sentenced on charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm to 4 people, and with possessing a stolen car.  (We're not sure why Cormier is on remand, but it appears to be because he failed to show up for a previous sentencing and may have been picked up on a warrant.  He pleaded guilty to the charges a few months ago.)

Cormier was 34 years old two years ago at the time of the accident.  The accident happened in Brantville when Cormier slammed into the back of car that was stopped on the highway waiting for a car to turn left.  Cormier was travelling at a high rate of speed and the collision damaged several cars and injured 4 people.  

The most seriously injured was a Mrs. Richard who was ejected from her car, was catapulted through the air and landed in a convertible with the top down.  Richard suffered a broken pelvis and suffered in bed for 6 weeks before being released from hospital to continue her rehab at home.

Police determined Cormier was impaired, and also discovered that the car he was driving had been reported stolen, and the plates on the car were also stolen and did not match that vehicle.  Cormier has a previous conviction for impaired driving in 2009.

The Crown offered some New Brunswick case law where a man got 3 years in jail after driving while impaired and causing a collision that injured people.  The Crown was also seeking a 3 year driving prohibition that will begin after Cormier gets out of jail, and requested he submit a sample of his DNA that will be analyzed and the data maintained by the National DNA Data Bank.  The NDDB uses the information to aid police solve crimes and identify remains (MORE INFO).

Cormier did not argue the suggested sentence.  He said he was remorseful for what he had done and took responsibility for his actions.  He said he quit drinking after the accident, and was the father of two young children.

Judge Natalie LeBlanc was happy to hear he had quit drinking, and told him the outcome could have been so much worse.  She went along with the suggested sentence, and Cormier was taken away by sheriffs to begin serving his time.  His sentence will be reduced by the 90 days he has spent in jail already.

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