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5 Council Notes: 312 Pleasant Street is a hazard

Fire Department initiates action on unsightly downtown building

Council sticks to guns on method for financial requests

The fireworks for the Rock n Roll festival were great as always this year.  The organizers made a last minute request to council for funding that was approved, but there was still $1500 that was unused in that budget which they could have accessed, but council voted not to give it to the committee.  Councillors against the idea of giving the remaining money to the group said that they developed a new program last year that meant financial requests had to be made within a certain time and through a certain method, and because the application was late, they were not going to consider it.  The new rules are so that Council is not saddled with last minute financial requests from festivals, and also to keep the spending within budget.

Council denies rezoning of residential property in Nordin

A corporation owned by Dr. Luis Riveros, an eye doctor who formerly worked in Miramichi, owns a property in Nordin that he wants to sell, and asked council to OK a zoning change from residential to commercial to make the property easier to sell.  If rezoned there is a wide variety of businesses that could got there including apartment building, banks, day cares or car dealerships.  Two residents in the area sent letters of objection.  Several years ago a local business man owned the property and wanted it rezoned for the purpose of building an assisted living complex.  Neighbours complained and the Council of the day rejected the rezoning.  Last week Council again rejected the rezoning by a vote of 5 to 3, with the objectors saying they didn't feel right about approving a rezoning without knowing the specific use for the property.  The property is located to the east to Trevors Hyundai. on the north side of the King George Highway.

312 Pleasant Street to be demolished

Council voted to approve actions by the City Clerk to go forward with hiring Goodfellows Trucking at a cost of $29,000 to demolish 312 Pleasant Street and take collection efforts against the property owner to recover the costs.  If collection efforts fail they can request to be reimbursed by the province as per legislation.  The Clerk said the fire department brought the condition of the building to the attention of the Clerk, and deemed it to be a hazard to the public because it was close to other properties and people were squatting in it and starting fires.  Councillors say the poor looking building, and others in the city, are in contrast with all the recent development and need to be addressed.

City to move on Harkins property?

Late in July there was a public auction on the steps of the Miramichi Law Courts.  Due to be auctioned off was the former Harkins property.  That property was declared surplus when the Max Aitken school was completed and it was offered to the City of Miramichi at the time for the price of either $200,000 or $300,000, and the city didn't find the price attractive at the time.  The junior high school was demolished in 2018.  Since then Council is beginning to develop an outdoor recreation strategy, and residents in the area of the former school have been complaining about cars parking on the streets during baseball games at Memorial Park (that recently got lights so games could be played at night).  The former Harkins property has been mentioned at council meetings where parking and potential outdoor recreation areas in Newcastle have been discussed recently.

Several people were in attendance at the auction including some Miramichi developers.  Also there was City Manager Mike Noel and Councillor Jason Harris.  A man representing the creditor announced that the auction was going to be delayed until August 25th.  One of the people in attendance told MO))) that Harris told him the City wanted him to know they were considering expropriating the property.

Maloney and Winslow:  sections to be closed and offered for sale

Council voted this week to stop up and close sections of Winslow Avenue and Maloney Street, and offer the closed section to adjacent land owners.  Two landowners adjacent to Maloney will be contacted, and 4 adjacent to Winslow.

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