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3 court briefs: Judge rules trial more important than vacation

Man waits in jail while complainant want to take vacation

A Renous inmate, Trevor Kyle Hannan, was in court to be sentenced for aggravated assault and having a homemade weapon. Hannan attacked another inmate in the laundry room at the jail, but the intended target retaliated and severely injured Hannan. The video shows blood spurting from Hannan and he slumps against a wall, and the intended victim walks away from the scene, though was also injured. Correctional officers performed life saving First Aid on Hannan, and he was taken away on a stretcher. Hannan is serving a life sentence for the stabbing death of a friend in Dartmouth in 2014. (LINK ). The defence was asking for 3.5 years which is at the lower end of the range for aggravated assaults that take place within jails. Judge Morrison sentenced Hannan to 4 years which will be served concurrently to his existing sentence for murder.

A Miramichi man is waiting in jail to have a trial on an allegation of assault, but the complainant wants to delay the trial so she can take a vacation.

Roland Andrew Mullin appeared in court by video on August 2nd, 2022. On his previous appearance the Crown advised the defence and the Court that new disclosure had been received and police felt more investigation was required and Mullin’s August 19th trial would be delayed for that reason. The defence also said the key witness, the complainant, was going to be out of province on vacation until August 21st but could be available before August 12th if the court could schedule a trial that early. (None was available.)  

Judge Brittain expressed dismay about the new information that the witness was going to be away at the time of the original trial. Mullin’s lawyer, Ms. Tucker, said she had received no correspondence about the nature of the additional disclosure and objected to any delays and said Mullin is in jail and needs a trial right away and his liberty should be more important than the complainant’s vacation. The defence lawyer said the delays also make Mullin’s legal expenses increase.

Judge Brittain said his big concern was Mullin’s detention. Mullin has been in jail since mid-May, but during that time also served a 60 day sentence for impaired driving. The time he is serving now is for remand pending trial on the sexual assault allegation. Brittain said the outstanding disclosure involved an additional statement to police by the complainant and some screen shots of social media messages, those are also not a reason to delay past the original trial date of August 19th. Out of curiosity Brittain looked to see when the trial could be held if it were adjourned, and September 19th was a possible date but it would mean rescheduling 6 other trials.

Brittain ruled that Mullin’s detention was a more pressing issue than the complainant’s vacation, and ordered that the trial go ahead on August 19th as scheduled.

Wayne Darren Morris, 24, appeared in court on August 2nd for a bail hearing. Morris faces several charges of assault, threats and mischief. There is a publication ban on the evidence given at the hearing, but we can say that Judge Brittain felt there was some information missing about Morris’s circumstances that would help make the decision on whether he could be released or not. Brittain suggested that Morris take a few days to gather some information that would help him, and Morris agreed and will be back in court on Thursday, August 4th.

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